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Leasing Lawyers | Redcliffe

What We Do

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Leasing Lawyers have been representing clients needing lease advice for a number of years in Redcliffe, Queensland, north Brisbane, the Moreton Bay region and Sunshine Coast.

We can prepare, review and advise you on all aspects of lease documentation and the commercial leasing process. 

Commercial leases typically comprise:

  • Retail Shop Leasing

  • Commercial office leases

  • Leases for industrial warehouses and sheds

  • Leases of vacant commercial land

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Leasing Lawyers provide commercial leasing services, including help with:

  • Offers to Lease

  • Agreements for Lease

  • New Leases

  • Lessor’s Deed of Consent to Assignment of Lease

  • Lease renewals

  • Mortgagee’ Consent Deeds 

  • Assignor/Assignee Deeds

  • Fitout Deeds

  • Sub-Leases

  • Occupancy Licenses

  • Car park Licenses

  • Incentive Deeds

  • Seating Licenses

  • Personal Guarantees

  • Bank Guarantees​

  • Leasing disputes

For Lease Sign

What is a Commercial Lease?

Greyson Legal | Leasing Lawyers Redcliffe is your all in one law firm for legal advice and assistance with commercial leasing.

A commercial lease sets out the contractual terms and conditions of the relationship between a Landlord (Lessor) and a Tenant (Lessee) and in respect of the occupancy and use by the Tenant of  freehold premises owned by a Landlord.

Many business owners in Redcliffe, North Lakes, north Brisbane and the Moreton Bay region, Queensland utilise commercial premises to conduct their business.

As a commercial lease is a form of contract, it is important both the Landlord and Tenant understand the lease terms and conditions, and their respective rights and obligations.

Retail Shop Lease | Queensland

Retail leasing can be a complex area of law. Generally, each State  and Territory in Australia has its own legislation, which legislation is not necessarily consistent. This can be a challenge for Landlords if they have retail premises in more than one State or Territory.

In Queensland, the applicable legislation is the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld).

If you need retail shop leasing lawyer in Redcliffe, Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Leasing Lawyers can help you.

When entering into a retail shop lease it is important to understand not only your rights and obligations under the Lease documentation itself, but in addition checks need to be made to ensure compliance with the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld) and other applicable laws.


Lease Terms and Conditions

Greyson Legal | Leasing Lawyers are familiar with the format and content of commercial leases. We know what are the key lease terms and conditions and how to identify red flags in the Lease documents that you need to be aware. 

Most commercial leases will contain provisions, such as:

  • Lessor and Lessee details

  • Premises description

  • Rent and rent reviews

  • Outgoings

  • Other payments under the Lease, eg. turnover rent

  • Term and Renewal Term

  • Permitted Use

  • Exclusivity

  • Insurance

  • Right to assign or sublet

  • Landlords access

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Damage to the premises

  • Alteration and additions

  • Lessor's obligations

  • Lessee's obligations

  • Risk and Indemnity

  • Security

  • Default and Termination

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Any special conditions, eg. rent free periods or fitout incentives

A sample of few clients we helped with the leasing law matter

The Principal of Greyson Legal has been involved in numerous leasing transactions, such as:

  • Negotiating 20 year lease for installation of a Telstra Telecommunications Tower and Voda Phone Telecommunications Tower;

  • Lease renewal for Batteryworld, Morayfield Queensland; 

  • Renewal of lease for Ultratune, Caboolture, Queensland

  • New Lease for Citycave, North Lakes, Queensland

Image by Victor Freitas

Functional Fitness Training Gym Lease

We acted for a client entering in a commercial Lease at the Morayfield Super Centre, including in relation to the Lease, Lessor Disclosure Statement, 
Fitout Incentive Deed, Bank Guarantee, and related documentation

Male Barber at Work

Barber Shop Lease

We acted for a client entering into a Retail Shop Lease at Mango Hill, including providing advice in relation to the Lease and Lessor Disclosure Statement; and providing a  Waiver Notice and Legal Advice Report required under the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld).


Agricultural Lease

Greyson Legal | Leasing Lawyers Redcliffe acted for a landlord who owned a large parcel of land at Ningi, Queensland.

We assisted our client in negotiations, Lease preparation and Lease advice in their dealings initially with the berry producer Oz Fresh Farms and later Driscolls.

Building a House

Industrial Lease

Greyson Legal | Leasing Lawyers Redcliffe assisted Glendale Homes Pty Ltd, Morayfield, Queensland with: (a) preparing a new industrial Lease; (b) obtaining mortgagees consent; and (c) registration of the Lease with the Land Titles Office - in connection with their occupation and use of a warehouse and office.


Retail Shop Lease | Fast Food

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Leasing Lawyers acted for PG Dev Pty Ltd in relation to an assignment of Lease in connection with their purchase of the Kilcoy Snack Shack (Takeaway), including compliance with the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld)

Car Mechanics

Commercial Tenancy Agreement

We provided lease advice to a client in respect of a Commercial Tenancy Agreement regarding the lease of premises at North Lakes for the operation of an Automotive Workshop, including advising in relation to a Head Lease and Sub-Lease.

Private Aircraft

Surrender of Commercial Lease

Greyson Legal | Leasing Lawyers in  Redcliffe were successful in securing a Surrender of Lease for a client with Premises based at Redcliffe Airport, including: (a) reviewing the Lease; providing Lease advice; (c) assisting our client in negotiations with Moreton Bay Regional Council; and preparing the Deed of Surrender.

Image by Micaela Parente

Lease Dispute

Greyson Legal | Leasing Lawyers Redcliffe represented our tenant client based in Clontarf, Queensland in a leasing dispute with their Landlord in regards to various breaches of the Lease by the Landlord. We assisted our client to obtain a successful mediated outcome.

Let Us Help You

At Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Leasing Lawyers, we help you to understand the elements of the lease documentation, meet statutory compliance requirements,  and to complete and fulfil any steps that you need to obtain a signed lease on terms and conditions you are satisfied with.

We help you:

  • to understand the leasing risks;

  • know your rights and obligations under the lease;

  • identify any key dates and periods under the lease;

  • comply with the relevant lease legislation.

For a confidential discussion with a leasing lawyer, contact Greyson Legal | Leasing Lawyers | Redcliffe.

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