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Greyson Legal Intellectual Property Lawyers |
Sunshine Coast

Specialising in Commercial Law, IP and Franchise Law

Intellectual property (IP) is a form of intangible property right created by a person through their mind, such as: writing a book, inventing something unique, or through artistic endeavours.

Greyson Legal are IP lawyers servicing the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Noosa and the hinterland. We provide a range of IP legal services for clients on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, including:- trademarks law, copyright law, patents, registered designs, trade secrets, IP infringement advice; and international intellectual property.

We have assisted many clients on the Sunshine Coast with their intellectual property requirements.


The Principal of Greyson Legal has over 20 years experience in commercial law, franchising law and IP law. You can be confident when engaging Greyson Legal | Intellectual Property Lawyers | Sunshine Coast that you are dealing with lawyers with expertise and experience in IP law. 

Greyson Legal

Leading Sunshine Coast Intellectual Property Lawyers

Independently verified as a leading intellectual property law firm on the Sunshine Coast for 4 years running, from 2021 to 2024

Looking for experts in intellectual property law on the Sunshine Coast, contact Greyson Legal.


Copyright Law | Sunshine Coast

Greyson Legal are experienced Sunshine Coast copyright lawyers.

Copyright exists in a person’s original expression of their ideas. It might be in the form of:

  • artworks

  • music composition

  • written novel

  • a photograph

  • video

  • software code

  • business database

  • etc

Copyright law seeks to protect the copyright creator's IP rights in the work, such as, by recognising the copyright creator's exclusive rights to reproduce the work, commercialise it, or otherwise deal with the work.  

Typewriter | Writing Story | Copyright

Greyson Legal are proud to represent Gemini Arts and Media and 

Tam Sainsbury, writer/director. We provided legal advice and assisted our client in relation to a Production Agreement with Screen Australia regarding the web-based drama, called "Time and Place", which featured several well known Australian actors, and filmed on the Sunshine Coast; and an IP Transfer Agreement related to another web-based drama, called “Perfect Messy Love”, also directed by Tam Sainsbury and supported by Screen Queensland.

Trade Mark Law | Sunshine Coast

Greyson Legal are leading trademark lawyers on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

A trade mark is a form of intellectual property which distinguishes a product, service, business or brand in the market.

To obtain legally enforceable and exclusive rights to a trade mark, the best approach is to apply for trade mark registration.

Some of the benefits of trade mark registration include:

  • exclusive right to use the trade mark 

  • use of the ® symbol with the trade mark

  • legal protection to deter competitors and others trying to leverage  off your brand

  • helps distinguish your brand from others

  • it is an asset - the IP right adds value to your business, especially where the brand generates goodwill

  • it gives you the ability to licence or franchise your rights in the mark in return for a fee.

If you are looking for a Sunshine Coast trade mark lawyer, Greyson Legal have the knowledge and expertise to help you.

Alfa Romeo Trademark
Apple Trademark
Laser Cutting

Patents | Sunshine Coast

An invention is a device, substance, process or method for doing something in a “new” way.


A patent is an IP right which gives the inventor legal protection so the inventor can commercially exploit the invention.

We have assisted a number of clients with patent advice and applying for Provisional Patent Applications and Standard Patent Applications.

If you need a Sunshine Coast patent lawyer, contact Greyson Legal for details on how we  can assist you.

Registered Designs | Sunshine Coast

A design can be described as the way a particular product looks - its visual appearance. For example, it’s shape, pattern or the way a product is packaged.

If you need help with a registered design on the Sunshine Coast, contact Greyson Legal for a no obligation discussion.

Furniture Designer
Signing a Contract

Intellectual Property Law | Sunshine Coast

Greyson Legal | Sunshine Coast IP Lawyers can assist with a variety of other intellectual property law matters, including:

  • trade secrets | confidentiality agreements

  • IP licensing 

  • IP assignment

  • IP audits

  • IP infringement advice

  • enforcing IP rights

  • IP clearance searches

  • IP advice

Looking for intellectual property law advice?

Contact Greyson Legal, Sunshine Coast IP Lawyers

Three Coworkers

A few clients we have helped with their IP law on the Sunshine Coast

Gemini Arts & Media | Sunshine Coast
Goop Guys | Caloundra
Pyrolitech | Sunshine Coast
Noosa Black Garlic | Noosa
Hinterland Dental | Cooroy
Hire Yu | Sunshine Coast
Sidekick Mobile | Sunshine Coast
Love from Noosa | Noosa
Infovantage | Caloundra
Corp Mem Logo | Caloundra
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