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Franchisee Legal Services

The Principal of Greyson Legal | Franchise Lawyers has over 20 years experience assisting and advising clients:

  • buying a franchise business

  • selling an existing franchise business

  • in relation to Franchise Agreements, Disclosure Documents, Key Facts Sheets

  • regarding all manner of franchise legal documentation, such as, Deeds of Prior Representation

  • in regards to Franchising Code of Conduct compliance

  • with franchise disputes; and

  • on all legal matters relevant to franchising  ​

When you engage Greyson Legal to review your Franchise Agreement, we provide a detailed written report summarising all the key terms & conditions and provide recommendations on issues that need further clarification or clauses that need to be amended deleted. We can also assist in negotiations with the Franchisor.

What is Franchising?

Franchising presents an opportunity to buy a ready-made business

Franchising is a method for doing business, sometimes called "business format franchising".

It's characteristics include:

  • a way of distributing goods and/or services and promoting the franchisor's brand through a network of franchisees

  • the franchisor (or an associate) owns certain intellectual property rights

  • the goods, the services and the franchisor have brand recognition in the marketplace

  • the franchisee wants to associate itself with the franchisor's brand

  • the franchisor grants a franchisee the right to operate an independent franchise business, subject to certain conditions being met, such as, the franchisee:

    • operates under the franchisor's brand and is licensed to use certain authorised trade marks, copyright and other IP rights

    • must comply with the franchisor's systems

    • acquires a range of goods and/or services for re-sale from franchisor approved suppliers

    • sells franchisor approved goods and/or services to consumers or others

    • pays the franchisor certain franchise fees and royalties in consideration for the above rights

    • operates within a prescribed franchise territory

This terms and condition around such an arrangement are set out in a Franchise Agreement.


In Australia, franchisors and franchisees must also comply with the Franchising Code of Conduct, which exists under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, as well as consumer and other laws.  

Buying a Franchise Resale

Are you considering buying an existing franchised business?

Need a franchise business lawyer?

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Buying a Greenfield Franchise

Looking to buy a new franchise site or territory?

Get expert advice from a leading franchise lawyer.
Contact Greyson Legal | Franchising

Selling a Franchise

Need help selling your franchise business?

We are familiar with the entire business conveyance process

Sale Time

Franchise Agreements

Need Franchise Agreement advice?

Get a review from experts in franchise law.
Greyson Legal | Franchising

Contract Review
Accountant Records

Franchise Disclosure Documents

Looking for a lawyer to review your Disclosure Document?

Not sure if your Franchise Disclosure Document is Code compliant?

Franchising Code of Conduct

Need an expert in Franchising Code of Conduct compliance?

Get help from leaders in franchise law.
Greyson Legal | Franchising

Reviewing the Laws

Franchise Dispute Resolution

Having a dispute with your Franchisor?

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Franchise Advice

Looking for franchise law advice?

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A & K Clark, Gloria Jeans Franchisees

“The distinction between a company and a great company is the ability to access the knowledge and passion of the people within it. Ray has both the knowledge and the passion his clients need to make the deal successful”.

Ray’s franchising knowledge covers all angles, from summarising an entire lease to breaking down every level of a franchise agreement, this commitment and level of accuracy has always lead to a good deal moving forward”.

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