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Franchisor Legal Services

Greyson Legal | Franchise Lawyers are expert franchisor lawyers. We provide franchising legal advice for: start-ups; existing business owners looking to implement a franchising strategy to expand their business; franchise system acquisitions; and current Franchisors.

We represent various Franchisor clients with franchised outlets across Australia and other international interests.

At Greyson Legal | Franchise Lawyers, we can assist with a range of franchise legal services specifically catering for our Franchisor clients. This may include:

  • franchise system development

  • franchise system acquisition & sales

  • preparing master franchise documentation

  • deal with legal issues related to managing the franchise network

  • enforcing franchisee obligations

  • franchise dispute resolution

  • preparing franchise packs for franchisees new to the network or existing franchisees assigning their franchise business 

  • franchise advice

  • related commercial legal transactions 

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Business Office

Franchise System Development

Franchise System Acquisition & Sales

Business Owner

Are you an entrepreneur or startup business with a new and innovative product or service?

Maybe you have an existing Business which is proven and successful and you are looking at business expansion?

If so, then adopting a franchising strategy may be worth considering.

Franchisor Clients

A few Franchisor clients we have worked with

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Firestorm Logo (Canva) - 31.12.21.png
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