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At Greyson Legal we provide a broad range of commercial law services, including:

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Contract Law

Contract law deals with the legal nuts and bolts of how agreements (or promises) are made between individuals and other entities. It covers a range of aspects including: (a) determining if a contract has been formed; (b) what terms & conditions apply; (c) if a party has performed their obligations or is entitled to legally avoid an obligation; (d) breach of contract; (e) termination of contract; and (f) remedies.

Business Law

Business law encompasses the legal processes and framework within which businesses operate. It can be a mish-mash of different legal areas specifically related to business. Such as: (a) regulatory licensing; (b) employment law; (c) commercial leasing law; (d) contract law; (e) IP law; etc.

Corporate Law

Corporate law concerns itself with the laws, rules, and regulations related to companies. This might include: (a) incorporating companies; (b) reviewing and advising on company constitutions; (c) appointment or resignation of directors; (d) shareholder agreements; (e) share transfers; (f) regulatory compliance; (g) etc.

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Franchise Law

Franchising is a method for the distribution and sale of goods and services. Franchise law concerns itself with the various laws affecting the relationship between participants in the franchising industry. For example, the rights and obligations of Franchisor and Franchisee pursuant to the terms and conditions of a Franchise Agreement.

Intellectual Property Law

IP Law deals with intangible property rights of the mind. Such as: (a) copyright in an artistic work; (b) trade mark in a logo; (c) patent right in an invention; (d) confidentially in a trade secret.

Consumer Law

Consumer law is statutory based and designed to protect consumers of goods and services. For example, if a supplier sells a defective product the consumer should be entitled to certain minimum consumer guarantees, like the right to have the defective product repaired or replaced by the supplier or a refund.

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Commercial Leasing Law

Many businesses operate from fixed premises, whether that be: an industrial land, office space, factory, or retail shop. Commercial leasing law deals with: (a) the legal relationship between landlord and tenant; (b) drawing up and interpreting the terms & conditions of the Lease document; (c) landlord and tenant rights & obligations; (d) lease disputes, etc.

Employment Law

Employment law concerns itself with the employer-employee relationship, but often also encompasses the principal and contractor/consultant relationship. It covers Federal and State legislation and contract law as it relates to workplace safety, termination of employment, discrimination, etc.

Technology Law

Technology law typically covers: (a) software licensing; (b) e-commerce; (c) domains; (d) website terms of use; (e) computer hardware service agreements; (f) intellectual property rights, such as, dealing with rights in say an e-book.

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Finance Law

Finance law is principally concerned with the law as t relates to financial transactions. This might include; (a) loan agreements; (b) mortgages; (c) personal guarantees; (d) bank guarantees; (e) security deeds; (f) PPSR registration; (g) etc.

Succession Law

Greyson Legal provides a range of succession law services, including: (a) Wills; (b) Enduring Powers off Attorney; (c) Probate applications; (d) business succession planning

General Commercial Law

Commercial law is broad based and covers a number of different areas of law, some of which overlap with each other.

If you need legal assistance with an issue, contact Greyson Legal | Commercial Lawyers. We can assess your situation and guide you as to the appropriate next step.

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"Contacted Raymond from Greyson Legal for some expert legal advice and assistance in preparing commercial agreements.

Found the services provided were of the highest quality and responsiveness was excellent.

I highly recommend Raymond and Greyson Legal and will most definitely use their services again in the future."

For a confidential discussion on how we can assist you, contact Greyson Legal | Commercial Lawyers.

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