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IP Dispute Resolution

Greyson Legal | IP Lawyers

Disputes in relation to ownership or use of intellectual property can arise from time to time either through misunderstanding IP rights, inadvertent or deliberate IP infringement.

Greyson Legal | IP Lawyers are experienced IP dispute lawyers.

We have expertise in dealing with IP disputes, IP infringements and have assisted a number of clients to resolve their IP disputes, thereby avoiding lengthy and costly IP litigation.

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A few IP clients we have helped

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Employee IP Dispute

We recently acted for an employee accused of misappropriating their employer's copyrighted material, with the threat of legal proceedings being commenced.

We were able to assist our client to settle the dispute through adoption of a no liability agreed undertaking - removing the risk and cost of litigation.

Copyright Dispute in Building Design

We acted for a client who used a builders' house design without prior permission. This amounted to a breach of the builder's copyright in the design.

The builder issued a cease and desist notice and threatened legal action if our client failed to pay significant compensation for breach of copyright.

We were able to negotiate not only an IP Licence permitting our client to use the design but also a heavily reduced licence fee. This saved our client having to generate new designs and saved them time and litigation costs. 

Trade Mark Infringement Advice

We advised one of our clients in relation to their IP rights regarding infringement of one or more of their registered trade marks.

Have an IP dispute?

If you have an IP dispute, contact Greyson Legal | IP Lawyers for details on how we can help you.

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