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Who We Are

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers are a commercial law firm servicing the Redcliffe, northern Brisbane and Moreton Bay areas, Queensland.

We have an office in Scarborough, Queensland and provide a range of legal services across business law, franchise law, intellectual property law, corporate law, employment law, leasing law, succession law and general commercial law.  




Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers are experienced in franchise law, representing both Franchisors and Franchisees.

We have a thorough understanding of franchising law, capable of assisting our clients on a wide range of franchise legal issues.

Whether you are looking to buy a franchised business, sell a franchise, expand your existing business through franchising, looking for Franchise Agreement advice; or have a franchise dispute - Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers can help you.



If you value your business, idea, design, invention, or confidential information - it is important to protect your intellectual property (IP) rights. Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers can assist you with copyright advice, trade mark registration, documentation to protect your trade secrets, IP enforcement, design rights; and general assistance with intellectual property law. 

Contact Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers for further details on how we can assist you.

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Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers offer a broad range of commercial law legal services, including: franchise law, IP law, business law, contract law, corporate law, employment law, technology law, leasing; and general commercial law advice.

If you are looking for Commercial Lawyers in Redcliffe, contact Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers.

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Our Client Matters

We have acted for numerous clients in Redcliffe, North Lakes and the broader Moreton Bay region. Below is an example of just a few.


Agricultural Lease

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers acted for a landlord who owned a large parcel of land at Ningi, Queensland.

We assisted our client in negotiations, Lease preparation and Lease advice in their dealings initially with the berry producer Oz Fresh Farms and later Driscolls.

Construction Worker

Breach of Contract

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers acted for Glendale Homes, Caboolture Queensland.

We assisted our client with contract law advice relating to breach of building a contract by one of their customers and debt collection.

Hamburger and Fries

Business Purchase in Food Industry

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers acted for PG Dev Pty Ltd in relation to their purchase of the Kilcoy Snack Shack (Takeaway) including: (a) business contract review & advice (b) Lease advice (c) assignment of the Lease (d) trade waste approval (e) food licence; and (f) settling the transaction

Air Conditioner

Business Sale in Air-Conditioning Industry

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers represented a client in relation to the sale of their air-conditioning business at Morayfield, Queensland. The sale incorporated: (a) a re-structure of the selling entity via a Share Sale Agreement; (b) vendor finance; (c) PPSR registration; (d) assignment of Lease; and (e) related steps to settle the transaction.

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Company Incorporation and Trust Deed Creation

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers acted for a start-up business whereby we assisted the client with: (a) business structuring advice; (b) incorporation of a company; and (c) preparation of Trust Deed.

Daycare Center

Childcare Management Agreement

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers acted for a client in the childcare industry. We: (a) reviewed and advised the client on the Chid Care Management Agreement; (b) marked up amendments to the Agreement; and (c) made recommendations on issues to clarify with the other party.

Digital Network Cables

Sub-Contractors Agreement

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe assisted a client within the communications industry in Redcliffe with preparation of a Sub-Contractors Agreement in relation to the installation and connection of the NBN network to premises, including through Telstra’s HFC footprint.

Buffing a Car

Purchase of Business in Automotive Industry

Greyson Legal | Redcliffe Lawyers represented a client with their purchase of an automotive detailing business in Clontarf, Queensland. This included: (a) Business Sale Contract review and advice; (b) Deed of Restraint; (c) grant of new Lease; (d) Lease advice; and (e) settling the transaction.


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