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Generally, IP rights encompass:

  • copyright

  • patents

  • registered designs

  • trade marks

  • circuit layout designs

  • plant breeder rights

  • trade secrets.

Intellectual property (IP) and protection of rights related to IP is an important issue for businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and the like. IP can be a significant asset, so ensuring those IP rights are appropriately identified; protected; and that infringement are dealt with correctly should be a key element of any IP risk minimisation strategy.

Intellectual property (IP) is a form of intangible property right created by a person through their mind, for example, creating an invention or a piece of art.

Greyson Legal can assist in identifying and implementing legal solutions to help you protect and maximise the value of your IP.


Our Intellectual Property Practice Areas


Copyright is a form of intellectual property which provides a way of protecting a person’s original expression of their ideas. For example, an artist who paints a picture or a composer who writes music would own the copyright in the picture or composition they created.

Sheet Music

Trade Marks

A trade mark is a way of identifying a particular good, service or business. When one talks about a “brand” this is typically a reference to a trademark. 

Once registered, the owner has a legally enforceable and exclusive right to that trade mark. Such rights also enable the trade mark owner to licence its use or ever sell the IP right. For example, a Franchisor may licence its Franchisees to use the Franchisor’s trade mark in promotion of the franchised business.

Image by Jason Leung

Trade Secrets

A trade secret, as the name suggests, are aspects of your business that you wish to keep confidential.

Combination Lock Safe


Where a person has invented a device, substance, process or method which has the characteristic of providing a “new” way of doing something, or offers a new solution to a problem, it is important that the owner’s IP rights in the invention are protected.

A patent is the vehicle for protecting such rights.

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Registered Designs

A design can be described as the way a particular product looks - its visual appearance. For example, it’s shape, pattern or the way a product is packaged.

Engineering Plans

IP Licensing | IP Agreements

Although intellectual property is intangible, it can still comprise a significant asset. As a type of property, IP rights can be purchased and sold or licensed to others for their use.

Signing a Contract

Other IP Law Areas

Trade Mark Infringement

Commercialising IP

IP and Passing Off

General IP Advice

Business Team

Some IP Clients we have Assisted

Greyson Legal | IP Lawyers is a boutique commercial law firm providing intellectual property legal services. 
We are proud to represent our IP clients.

PCQ Logo.jpeg

Pest Control

Greyson Legal I IP Lawyers assisted Pest Control Qld Pty Ltd with:

  • incorporating an IP holding company

  • IP Licensing Agreements

  • Trademark Assignment Agreements

  • Copyright Transfer Agreements

  • Trade Mark registration

Goop Guys logo.jpeg

Protective Coatings

Greyson Legal represented Goop Guys Pty Ltd through provision of:

  • IP Licensing Agreements

  • Franchise Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Trade Mark Registration

Ready for School


Greyson Legal assisted Nilesh Champaneri with:

  • IP Assignment Agreement

  • Trade Mark Advice

  • Trade Mark Registration,

in relation to the "Agnes Eats" children's book. 

Gemini Arts Logo.jpeg

Film Maker

Greyson Legal | IP Lawyers helped Tam Sainsbury and Gemini Arts & Media Pty Ltd with:

  • IP advice

  • Assignment of Copyright

  • Production Grant Agreement with Screen Australia,

in relation to the film productions:

Musical Notes

Musical Composition

Greyson Legal | IP Lawyers provided copyright advice to a client in relation to:

  • lyrics

  • sound recording

  • artwork,

related to an agreement with a playwright

Building Plans

Building Design

Greyson Legal helped a client resolve a dispute over copyright ownership in building designs.

Lab Worker

IP Negotiations

Greyson Legal represented a client in trade mark negotiations with a US business operated by the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.


Software Agreements

Greyson Legal | IP Lawyers  were involved in preparing a Software Service Agreement and Software Licence Agreement for a client dealing with Local Government in relation to digital data record management.

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Greyson Legal Clients

The above are a sample of some of the intellectual property matters we have been involved with.  We provide a range of commercial law and IP legal advice. For further details on how we help you, give us a call.

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A few trade marks we have registered for clients