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Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual property (IP) is a form of intangible property right created by a person through their mind, for example, creating an invention or a piece of art.

Greyson Legal | IP Lawyers have acted for many clients to assist them in identifying IP, implementing legal solutions to help protect IP; and maximise the value of intellectual property as an IP asset.

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Our Intellectual Property Practice Areas

IP rights encompass a variety of forms, including but not limited to:-

Intellectual property (IP) and protection of rights related to IP is an important issue for businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and the like. IP can be a significant asset, so ensuring those IP rights are appropriately identified; protected; and that infringement are dealt with correctly should be a key element of any IP risk minimisation strategy.


Copyright is a form of intellectual property which provides a way of protecting a person’s original expression of their ideas. For example, an artist who paints a picture or a composer who writes music would own the copyright in the picture or composition they created.

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Trade Marks

A trade mark is a way of identifying a particular good, service or business. When one talks about a “brand” this is typically a reference to a trademark. 

Once a trademark is registered, the owner has a legally enforceable and exclusive right to that trade mark. Such rights also enable the trade mark owner to licence its use or even sell the IP right. For example, a Franchisor may licence its Franchisees to use the Franchisor’s trade mark in promotion of the franchised business.

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Trade Secrets

A trade secret, as the name suggests, are aspects of your business that you wish to keep confidential.

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Where a person has invented a device, substance, process or method which has the characteristic of providing a “new” way of doing something, or offers a new solution to a problem, it is important that the owner’s IP rights in the invention are protected.

A patent is the vehicle for protecting such rights.

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Registered Designs

A design can be described as the way a particular product looks - its visual appearance. For example, it’s shape, pattern or the way a product is packaged.

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IP Licensing | IP Agreements

Although intellectual property is intangible, it can still comprise a significant asset. As a type of property, IP rights can be purchased and sold or licensed to others for their use.

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Other IP Law Areas

Trade Mark Infringement

Commercialising IP

IP and Passing Off

General IP Advice

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