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Technology Law

Greyson Legal | Technology Lawyers has assisted a number of clients with their IT law requirements. The range of our technology law legal services include:

  • Software Licence Agreements

  • Website Terms of Use

  • Website Privacy Policies

  • Domain Name Assignment Agreements

  • Computer Hardware Service Agreements

  • e-commerce law

  • social media law

  • Trade Mark law

Computer Programming

Software Licence Agreement

A Software License Agreement sets out the contractual arrangement between the owner of the computer software (Licensor) and the user of the software (Licensee).

It details various terms and conditions, such as: the parties; how the software can be used; fees for use; the Term; how the Software Licence Agreement can be terminated; maintenance & support; ownership of IP; etc.

Insurance Agent

Website Terms of Use

Website Terms of Use  are the terms and conditions (or rules) you adopt to guide visitors on their rights and obligations when using your website.

The elements that may be dealt with in the Website Terms of Use may include: what a visitor is permitted to do on the website; IP ownership; privacy and how a visitors personal information is dealt with; logins; advertising on the website; tracking; internet security; access to 3rd party websites;  limitation of liability; etc

Image by Rami Al-zayat

Domain Name Assignment

A domain name is in effect an internet address that’s uniquely registered to an individual or organisation, for example, 

You do not have any proprietary rights or intellectual property rights in a domain name. Rather you licence it.

A Domain Name Assignment Agreement sets out the terms and conditions in relation the transfer of the licence connected with the domain name.

Sometimes, for instance, where there is a sale of a Business, rather than adopt a separate Domain Name Assignment Agreement,  a Contract of Business Sale may contain relevant clauses which deal with the authority to transfer a domain licence from a Business seller to a Business purchaser.

The applicable process to transfer a domain licence still needs to be carried out, such as, completing an auDA approved transfer form.

Some technology law clients we have assisted:


Greyson Legal | Technology Lawyers assisted Corp Mem Business Solutions Pty Ltd with development of a Software Licence, Maintenance and Support Agreement in regards to electronic document and records management

Fashion Show

Greyson Legal | Technology Lawyers helped a client within the apparel hire industry to create website terms of use and terms & conditions in respect of the hire of apparel

The Agnes Family Logo.jpeg

Greyson Legal | Technology Lawyers provided advice to a client in relation to a Design Transfer Agreement related to the assignment of copyright in illustrated works. And subsequently assisted with trade mark registration

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