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Franchise Conferences

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

A key element of any successful franchise system is open communications between the franchisor and its franchisees. Franchisors often incorporate annual or bi-annual conferences as part of their franchise system as a means of encouraging such communication.

Attendance at conferences by franchisees is typically set out in the terms and conditions of their Franchise Agreement.

Conferences can be an expensive exercise for both the franchisor and franchisees so it is important that it be conducted well.

For franchisors there are the issues of:

  • Where to hold the conference

  • In a Covid-19 environment, whether to hold the conference digitally

  • When it is to be held

  • Set up costs

  • Logistics of setting up

  • Preparation time

  • Obtaining appropriate speakers

  • Etc

For franchisees there is:

  • Time away from the franchised business

  • Travel costs

  • Accommodation costs

  • Etc

Generally, franchisors adopt conferences as a method for:

  • Encouraging franchisees to get to know other franchisee participants in the network

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Strengthening bonds and camaraderie within the network

  • Reinforcing the strategic direction of the franchise system and brand

  • Operational matters related to the franchise system

  • Gathering feedback from franchisees

  • Introducing new or innovative products or services

  • Providing training

  • Assessing competencies

  • Acknowledging outstanding achievements by particular franchisees through internal awards.

If undertaken well, a conference can help drive sales, uplift franchisee satisfaction, increase franchisee skills, foster greater alignment between the franchisor and franchisees, improve system compliance, and otherwise encourage overall positive outcomes for the network.

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