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Information Statement for Prospective Franchisees

As part of the tightening regulatory framework within the franchising industry in Australia, where a prospective franchisee expresses an interest or formally applies to buy a franchise, franchisors must give them an Information Statement.

As from 15 April 2022, the Information Statement must be provided as soon as practicable but not later than 7 days after a prospective franchisee expresses an interest.

The Information Statement is a prescribed document under the Franchising Code of Conduct that highlights various aspects related to franchising, such as:

  • details about what is franchising;

  • cooling off rights;

  • risks and benefits in regards to entering into a franchise arrangement;

  • types of franchise costs to be aware of;

  • outline of issues to consider before committing to a franchise;

  • where to get further information about franchising;

  • links to free franchise education;

  • etc

Before entering into a franchise it is important to obtain legal advice from lawyers experienced in franchise law. Greyson Legal | Franchise Lawyers are exerts in franchise law.


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