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Get Franchise Legal Advice

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Greyson Legal are a boutique commercial law firm with a niche practice area in franchise law. The Principal of Greyson Legal | Franchise Lawyers has 20 years experience in this field of law.

If you are:

  • buying a franchise business

  • selling a franchise business

  • in a franchise dispute

  • considering franchising,

it is highly recommended you obtain legal advice from experienced franchise lawyers.

Proceeding with any franchise transaction without appropriate professional legal advice only increases the risks involved.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) conducted an extensive investigation of a number of Franchisors and produced their reported findings in August 2019. Among the ACCC's finding were the following:

  • many Franchisors aren’t providing adequate information to prospective Franchisees even though the Franchising Code of Conduct requires them to do so

  • if you are considering buying a franchise, be warned that you might not be getting all the information you need from the Franchisor to make an informed decision

  • inadequate disclosure by Franchisors is consistently one of the top two Franchising Code issues reported to the ACCC

Critically, the ACCC said:"40 per cent of prospective franchisees did not get any independent advice before buying a franchise"

Buying into a franchise system can be an expensive exercise. Getting it wrong can mean not only loss of your initial investment but other costs and expenses as well.

Don't take the risk. Get legal advice from experienced franchise lawyers. Contact Greyson Legal | Franchise Lawyers. E:

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